BuiltWorks – an integrated structural steel design application working within the SOLIDWORKS ® environment

Developed by engineers for use by their peers, BuiltWorks is a real tool for the execution of real work, in real time, in the real world.

BuiltWorks is a high-performance software application for real-time steel design within the SOLIDWORKS ® CAD environment, providing tools for 3D solid parametric modelling, analysis and design, connection detailing and automatic generation of both drawings and reports.

BuiltWorks is capable to maintain an intelligent and true SOLIDWORKS 3D real-world simulated structure containing all the information required for the general and detailed design, fabrication and erection of steelwork structures.

BuiltWorks concept is clearly focused on taking the best of SOLIDWORKS ® and adding functionality that will allow structural engineers to fully benefit from its inherent 3D parametric nature. A functionality that adheres to the native way structural engineers work:

  • Expands the power of proven 3D modeling engine suitable for ‘next generation’ structural parametric design tools that sits inside SOLIDWORKS .
  • Uses all native SOLIDWORKS tools powered by embedded BuiltWorks add ins that facilitate accurate and intelligent creation of a industry specific steelwork model
  • Has intuitive native to SOLIDWORKS interface written specifically to maintain the structural design workflow

BuiltWorks as a software product was developed to meet the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Plant industries requirements for high performance flexible and versatile tools that include extended integration capabilities to analysis software.

  • BuiltWorks ensures a seamless links from the SOLIDWORKS environment to SOLIDWORKS ® Simulation for the FE analysis of steel structure
  • In addition, links are available to leading third-party structural Analysis and Design systems like STAAD.Pro, SAP 2000 and compatible
  • BuiltWorks is flexible to enable external best of breed vertical market products to be linked to SOLIDWORKS and hence creating an open environment

BuiltWorks is a cost-effective system, aimed at shortening the project throughput time, enhancing productivity and increasing profitability and the accuracy of results using SOLIDWORKS as the professional structural framework.

  • It is quick to install and run (no configuration or server database is necessary)
  • Fast to learn (especially to those who are familiar with SOLIDWORKS environment)
  • Easy to apply (just work like you used to work with SOLIDWORKS )

Hence - shorter route to the production stage.

See complete list of BuiltWorks features (click here).