BuiltWorks Analysis & Design

BuiltWorks as a software product was developed to meet the Architectural, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and Plant industries requirements for high performance flexible and versatile tools that include extended capabilities of integration with analysis and simulation software.

BuiltWorks ensures the seamless bi-directional integration between the SOLIDWORKS environment and SOLIDWORKS Simulation for the FE analysis of steel structure. In addition, bi-directional links are available to the leading third-party structural Analysis and Design software like STAAD.Pro and compatible systems.
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BuiltWorks automatically applies intelligent transformation of SOLIDWORKS physical model to STAAD.Pro analysis reading and converting model geometry, cross-section data, housing all the true physical parameters and materials. Additional information, such as member orientation, connection offsets, grouping options, units system, parameters of preferred design code are read and evaluated.
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Using BuiltWorks the STAAD.Pro analysis and design system is launched directly from the SOLIDWORKS environment. After structural analysis and design of the model is performed, results for steel sections received during code check are transferred and automatically assigned to the elements of the structural model. The elements are updated in accordance with the parametric modelling.
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Loaded structure within STAAD.Pro environment

Analysis results - Bending moments diagram

Analysis results - Displacements

Import of Analysis & Design results

Updated model

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Also BuiltWorks ensures alternative design workflow when the existing analysis model from STAAD.Pro compatible software is imported directly to the SOLIDWORKS environment, automatically transforming wireframe analytical model to 3D solid model built from Weldment or BuiltWorks structural members for future modelling and detailing.
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