BuiltWorks Detailing Features

BuiltWorks has flexible tools for modelling of member connections. The comprehensive connection detailing functionality allows the user to create virtually any type of connection working in 3D environment.

BuiltWorks Connection is a smart feature that carries three important kinds of information: what can be connected; what the connection consists of; and how the connection is composed in response to various contexts. Full set of connection elements like end cuttings (copes) of incoming members with connection plates, fasteners, holes, and weld lines can be stored as objects. Once created, connection can be propagated within the model by copying it to other joints or storing to the library for repetitive use.
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Rather than just editing the geometry, BuiltWorks Connection modelling engine defines and applies the set of engineering rules for the connection of structural elements, assigning chosen priorities on intersected members (‘who cuts who’) and standards of cutting shapes (‘how to cut’). This innovation allows precise and smooth allocation of structural elements with the inherent ability to manipulate them fully in a bundle by setting relations, joining, trimming and cutting definitions in one batch command.
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User customizible standard cutting types

Priority cutting

Various cutting possibilities

BuiltWorks can generate and manipulate parametrically various types of connection plates like end plates, base plates and top plates. Flexible and powerful BuiltWorks Free plate feature enables user to create any type of connection plate, like fin plates, seating plates, stiffeners, angle cleats and a variety of other standard shapes.
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BuiltWorks provides a sample library of standard connection types, which are easily expandable by user with new customised solutions. Because of fully parametric nature of connection object, the number of connections stored in library is defined only by amount of required forms and patterns, and then it can be applied to any corresponding connection regardless the size of the member or differences of the shapes.
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BuiltWorks allows automatic generation of design stage general arrangement drawings, erection drawings, detailed fabrication drawings of steel assemblies as well as component workshop drawings at any time throughout the process. Project drawings like plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other standard or user-defined 2D views are created directly from a general 3D model of a structure. Due to the associative link to the model, 2D views can be edited directly in 3D model.
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BuiltWorks enhances bills of materials (BOM) in the form of SOLIDWORKS Cut lists with standard structural requirements. Number of industry specific variables, such as profile standard name, length, mass, surface (painting) area, as well as formula calculated expressions, are updated to Cut list properties and can be obtained by defined methods.
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