BuiltWorks General Features

BuiltWorks Model TreeBuiltWorks concept is clearly focused on taking the best of SOLIDWORKS and adding functionality that will allow structural engineers to fully benefit from its inherent 3D parametric nature.

BuiltWork ensures an integrated workflow within SOLIDWORKS environment:

  • common data model,
  • common task context menu,
  • intuitive user interface

Native SOLIDWORKS and embedded BuiltWorks modelling tools to manipulate with:

  • SOLIDWORKS Structural elements (Weldment) in Assembly context mode
  • BuiltWorks members (intellectual structural objects) both in Assembly or/and Part context or/and both in combination

Feature based modelling technology:

  • Model history is consistently written to a SOLIDWORKS Feature tree which stores all information about model history, structural elements and details, their relations and attributes.
  • The information is easily accessible and may be updated or modified simply from the model tree.

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