Licensing and Activation

In order to use software You must first fully accept End User License Agreement.

Activating BuiltWorks

Prior installing and activating your copy of BuiltWorks you must obtain product license key. The license key may be obtained by registering for or if you Purchase the product.

To activate BuiltWorks follow these steps:

1. Run BuiltWorksSetup.exe (for 32bit Windows operating system) or BuiltWorks64Setup.exe (for 64bit Windows operating system) executable to load application code into your system.

2. After successful installation start SolidWorks, and you will see BuiltWorks top down menu BW Options.

3. Move mouse over it and push button BW Options.

4. Dialog BW Product Registration appears.

5. There are three available ways to activate BuiltWorks. Please choose the first one “Request Activation via Internet” and click on “Next”.

6. User Information Form dialog will appear on your screen.

7. Please fill in this form. After that push button “Next” and wait several seconds.

8. In case of successful activation dialog will appear.

9. Product is activated, please click on Finish and start working.

If you don't have an Internet Connection, you will need to obtain an license XML document from SolidACE that will contain the product activation information. You can obtain this information by sending an email to with your product license key.

Please see Training tutorials to help yourselves with quick start in using BuiltWorks.

Please send your feedback, report bugs, request new features by sending emails to

If you have any problems using the workflow explained above, please contact us at Don’t forget mentioning your product license key.