BuiltWorks is quick to install, fast to learn and easy to apply application. If you are experienced SOLIDWORKS user and have indurstry-specific structural steel design knowledge (terminology, conceptual rules, etc.) - you are a half-way learned to use BuiltWorks.

We offer a series of Jump-Start tutorials for your self-training purposes so you can start working with BuiltWorks quickly. Please navigate through the left menu for on-line video BuiltWorks Tutorials and downloadable eBooks.



Volume 1. Modeling basics

This tutorial teaches to design a very simple structure, but covers all the main typical workflow of structural modeling and the tools that BuiltWorks provides for that. Tutorial includes intermediate step - exporting model from SOLIDWORKS to STAAD.Pro for structural analysis.

After completing this tutorial you will be able to start creating your own typical steel structures.

Volume 2. Creation of a Truss

This tutorial shows how to create structures or parts of structures, such as truss, using SOLIDWORKS sketch instead of BuiltWorks Grid. It also teaches new method of placing members with offsets.

After completing this tutorial you will know more advanced modelling options of BuiltWorks.

Volume 3. Portal Frame

This tutorial combines a knowledge, used in previous tutorials, and extends the knowledge of using BuiltWorks in common with SOLIDWORKS productivity tools in combined mode, such as Linnear Pattern. Tutorial also discusses advanced Connection management and Copying techniques.

After completing this tutorial you will be able to start working with combines and complicated structures, using most of BuiltWorks functions.