Volume 1. Modeling basics

This tutorial covers briefly all main modeling, detailing and interoperability functionality and full workflow in working with BuiltWorks:

  • Creating structural Grid System;
  • Placing and aligning Members (Columns, Beams);
  • Checking the structure in external Analysis program (STAAD.Pro);
  • Detailing Connections (Trimming Members, adding End Plates);
  • Updating Cut Lists and generating Drawings, inserting Bill of Materials.

After completing this tutorial you will know the main typical workflow of structural modeling and the tools that BuiltWorks provides for that, and will be able to start creating your own typical steel structures.



Download Tutorial (PDF document, 5.0 MB)  SOLIDWORKS Model after Tutorial Vol.1 is complete
Download Tutorial Vol.1 - PDF document


Note: to complete this tutorial you may need a sample file of STAAD.Pro analysis results.

Download a sample file BW_Tutorial_Vol1_Analysis-Results.std (1.16 KB)