Volume 2. Creation of a Truss

This tutorial explains creation of a truss with BuiltWorks using SOLIDWORKS sketch file. You will learn how to:

  • Place Members over SOLIDWORKS sketch instead of using BuiltWorks grid for modeling;
  • Apply Member start-end offsets to set Member’s position in a distance from sketch;
  • Use BuiltWorks Trim command for detailing of the Connection;
  • Apply Connection detailing rules in another place by copying Connection;
  • Add End Plates to Members and set their parametric dimensions;
  • Assign material type to objects (Members and End Plates) in Part Document;
  • Create Drawing from Part Document using BuiltWorks Drawing Generator command;
  • Insert Cut-List Table into Drawing using prepared.

After completing this tutorial you will know the main typical workflow of truss modeling and the tools that BuiltWorks provides for that, and will be able to start creating your own typical steel trusses.



Download Tutorial (PDF document, 4.0 MB)  SOLIDWORKS model after Tutorial Vol.2 is complete
Download Manual - PDF document


Note: to complete this tutorial you will need a sample sketch file and the cut-list template.

Download here SOLIDWORKS Part Document BW_Tutorial_Vol2_sketch.SLDPRT (178.5 KB) required for this tutorial

Download here SOLIDWORKS Cut-List Template BW_cut list.sldwldtbt (8.94 KB) required for this tutorial