Volume 3. Portal Frame

This tutorial explains creation of Portal Frame with BuiltWorks based on prepared Grid file and using SOLIDWORKS Linear Patterning feature. Content of the tutorial:

  • Chapter 1. Creating Assembly
  • Chapter 2. Creating main Beam members
  • Chapter 3. Creating Column members
  • Chapter 4. Creating Connections
  • Chapter 5. Creating End Plates
  • Chapter 6. Using Library of Connections
  • Chapter 7. Linear Patterning of Columns and Beams
  • Chapter 8. Creating Purlins
  • Chapter 9. Editing Purlins
  • Chapter 10. Creating second Beam members
  • Chapter 11. Linear Patterning of Purlins and Beams
  • Chapter 12. Creating Upper Braces
  • Chapter 13. Creating Vertical Braces
  • Chapter 14. Creating and Copying Connections
  • Chapter 15. Assigning Materials and updating Cut List
  • Chapter 16. Generating Drawings

After completing this tutorial you will know the main typical workflow of portal frame modeling and the tools that BuiltWorks provides for that.


Download Tutorial (PDF document, 7.01 MB) SOLIDWORKS model after Tutorial Vol.3 is complete
Download Manual - PDF document

Note: to complete this tutorial you will need a sample BuiltWorks Grid file with additional Sketch lines, the custom Round Bar profile, and BOM table.After downloading ZIP archive with all sample files, consult README document to place files into correct locations.

Download ZIP archive BW_Tutorial_Vol3_files.zip (134 KB) with sample files for this tutorial