A new major version 2.0 (build 6129, 30-Sep-2011) is released

Version 2.0, as well as continuously supported BuiltWorks 2010 version 1.5, is available for download by registered users.

Category: Version History

Some of the most important new functions and improvements of BuiltWorks 2011 v.2.0 are:

  • General features:
    • Compatibility:
      • Full support of SolidWorks 2011;
      • Enhanced stability when exchanging models between Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit o/s versions;
  • Structural modeling updates:
    • Added new Profiles - British PFC Channels BS4-1:2005;
    • Changed collors of the member in the preview;
    • Full support of Cardinal Points without changes to offset values.
  • Connection detailing updates:
    • Highly increased performances for Connection detailing;
    • New options for more accurate control of inserting/copying Connections;
    • Redesigned and updated cutting by User profile options:
      • Illustrations of Cutting types by User Profile cutting method;
      • Changed collors of the preview for User profile cut-out contour.
  • Other enhancements:
    • Export to SDNF (Steel Detailing Neutral Format by Intergraph) now uses Cardinal Point definitions and cutbacks;
    • Export to CIS/2 (CIMSteel Integration Standards release 2 by AISC) now supports End Plates and Free Plates;
    • BuiltWorks Members are supported now by SolidWorks Simulation for analysis as 3D solid bodies or 1D beams at user choice.
Some of the most important fixes in this release:
  • Fixed issues regarding UAC under Windows 7 and Vista;
  • Fixed exception for "Show selected documents" under Drawing Generation window;
  • Fixed Drawing Generation exception for international versions of BuiltWorks;
  • Fixed updating preview issue for Importing Analysis results;
  • Fixed various issues regarding Free Plates insertion.
  • and etc.
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