A new major version 3.0 (build 6337, 9-Dec-2011) is released

New major version 3.0 of BuiltWorks for SolidWorks 2012, as well as continuously supported version 2.1 and version 1.6 for SolidWorks 2011 and 2010, is available for download by registered users.

Category: Version History

Some of the most important new functions and improvements of BuiltWorks 2012 v.3.0 are:

  • General features:
    • Compatibility:
      • Full support of SolidWorks 2012;
  • Structural modeling updates:
    • Added new international standards - Australian;
    • Icreased performance for member PMP loading;
  • Connection detailing updates:
    • Increased performances for Connection detailing;
    • Created a command which allows to recalculate markers of the Connections - improved performances;
  • Drawing generator updates:
      • Full support of Free Plates by Drawing Styles and Drawing generator;
      • Added feature which allows to assign Auto dimmensions under Generation Styles;
      • Refactored feature "Show selected documents" from Drawing generator window - hilights the selected object in graphic area;
  • Other enhancements:
    • Free Plate supprot for CIS/2 import/export;
    • Changed activation form;
  • Some of the most important fixes in this release:
    • Refactored connection graphical object position calculation for highlighting;
    • Fixed issue regarding saving End Plates material when copying the Connection;
    • Fixed cut-list issues with non English language systems;
    • Fixed issues regarding using custom styles for Drawings generation;
    • Fixed some issues working with Lightweighted models;
    • Fixied some issues with adding End Plates;
    • Fixed issues related to the incorect alignment of the Free Plates;
    • Fixed issue regarding exporting excluded members from the array;
    • Fixed some problems related to the editing of the profiles MAP file;
    • Fixed issues related to wrong members offsets export to Analysis software;
    • Fixed issues regarding document properties (Description Value) for members inserted by Path.
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